• Crystal clear 2 inch ice cube
  • 2" King Cubes
  • 2" King Cubes

2" King Cubes

For a limited time, we offer King Cubes in case of 32 or 96 cubes, the perfect size to enjoy at home or with friends at your next dinner party.

Our ice cubes are made with clean, filtered and purified water. This means they are crystal clear and don’t smell or taste anything.

Case of 12, 32 or 96 Available

2" King Cubes in packs of 12 or 32 in resealable branded bags.
We also offer wholesale prices for a case of 96 cubes.

Pick-up is available at our Richmond HQ, Wednesday-Saturday, by appointment. Delivery is available with a minimum purchase of $85.

Storing & Tempering

If you have a small cooler, please bring this for transportation. Store ice at 0℉ - 20℉. Lower temperatures will create brittle ice and take longer to temper.

Tempering allows the ice to warm up before use, which prevents cracking when liquid is poured over the ice. When ready to serve, temper your ice beforehand. It is best to temper ice in a refrigerator, ice well, or in the open air until it becomes clear and wet.

First, separate any cubes that may be frozen together by inserting an ice pick or knife between the joints. Always handle ice with heavy-duty, serrated ice tongs. Always pour the beverage over the ice rather than drop the cube or sphere into a full glass. For the maximum efficiency and minimal dilution, always fill the glass to the ice level to chill the cocktail.

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful cocktail! 

Package Size

Cubes: 2" King Cubes

Case Dimensions: W8.5” x H4” x D2”

Each case includes 16 2" King Cubes

Industry Samples

Are you a bartender currently working in Vancouver, BC - email us with proof of employment at a local restaurant or bar, and we'll have a sample pack of cubes available for you to enjoy for free! We know times are tough, and sometimes a great cocktail with a pretty ice cube is all we need. 
  • $20.00