• 26.4 lbs bag of ice great for cocktails and staying cool during hot days
  • Vancouver Ice Delivery
  • Large Bagged Ice. Great for parties and bar events

Premium Bagged Ice (26.4 LBS)

Enjoy premium bagged ice in your favourite cocktail, beverage or to fill your cooler for the next bbq, camping adventure, sporting event or special event. No matter if you are chilling cocktails or preserving perishables our large premium bagged ice is here to keep you cool. 

  • Minimum order of 5 bags for delivery.
  • Same day orders must be received before 6:30PM.
Wholesale discounts are available for 63 large bags or more.
Please email our Support Team for more information about wholesale orders and pricing.

How Do I Order Ice?

  1. Add this product to your cart, go to your cart and adjust the quantity to how many bags of ice you would like to purchase. Remember to click "update cart".
  2. Select Delivery or Pick-up. Note: you will be required to purchase a minimum of 5 bags for local delivery.
  3. Select the day and time for your delivery (2 hour window) or pick-up (30 minute window).
  4. Pay for your order and stay cool. Your ice is on it’s way!
Same day orders must be received before 6:30PM

What Sizes Do Your Bags Come in?

We offer PARTY SIZE bags.

Package Size: Bag, L28” x W12” x D6”
Package Weight: 26.4lbs lb. bag of cubed ice.

Our large bags are 5x larger than the regular gastion/grocery store bags (similar to a sack of potatoes).

How Much Ice Do I Need?

To cool drinks (cans or bottles), 26 lbs. of ice per case (for approximately 16 guests) will keep them cold for 6-8 hours.
To chill and serve drinks, 40-50 lbs. of ice per case (for approximately 16 guests) will suffice for 6-8 hours.

Our rule of thumb is 1.5lbs per guest for chilling and 2.5lbs per guest for chilling and serving.

Nutritional Information

Food grade ice made with filtered water.
Our food grade, premium, long-lasting and odourless ice cubes are made with water that undergoes similar processes as bottled water.
Quality control throughout the manufacturing process made by Arctic Glacier.

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