The Benefits of Ice Delivery Services in Restaurants 

Restaurants need fresh and high-quality ingredients to make dishes just perfect. An ice-cold drink or a tasty cocktail also complements any dining experience. When you are busy running the kitchen and the front of the house, you do not have time to worry about a finicky ice machine.

Ice Delivery for Restaurants

An ice delivery service will help ensure that restaurants are stocked with cold, clean ice for customer drinks. Ice delivery services offer several benefits that should be noted.

Aside from ensuring customers get the drinks they want, ice delivery services relieve the pressure on restaurant staff to provide the ice for customers. Don't send your staff to the store to haul hundreds of pounds of ice. Our bags are party size bags weighing 24.6 lbs of premium ice.

Full Service Ice Delivery to your business door

An ice delivery service will come directly to the restaurant and deliver fresh delivery of ice that is already frozen and properly cleaned, removing a step from the waitstaff’s job and leaving more time for customer service.

Ice delivery services also can help restaurant owners save money. Rather than purchasing, storing, and restocking large amounts of bagged ice that can take up the valuable cooler and freezer space, they can leave it to a contracted delivery service.

Finally, the convenience and reliability of an ice delivery service offer peace of mind. Whether it's an unexpectedly busy afternoon or a faulty ice machine Dang Good Ice offers ice delivery service seven days a week to service your restaurant or bar.


Set-up a recurring ice delivery and subscribe to automatic ice deliveries and payments to save 5% on all orders.